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The Demarest Cooperative Nursery School views every child as a unique individual who learns at his or her own pace. We acknowledge that every child has strengths, interests, needs and learning styles that are different from others.

Our school provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the growth of the child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development guided by highly professional teachers and assisted by actively participating parents.


In keeping with our philosophy we believe in the following:


  • *Individual acceptance
  • *Self-worth and inner strength
  • *Independence
  • *Respecting rights and feelings of others
  • *Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • *Freedoms with responsibilities and limits
  • *Exploration of the world around them
  • *A joy for learning/ a love for school
  • *Togetherness…..child, parent and teacher


We are committed to providing quality pre-school education.

Every effort is made to help each child develop into a confident individual, providing the framework for his/her success.