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What Parents Have to Say!

Demarest Co-op is a very special place to my family. All three of my children attended the Co-op and grew as little people and learners while there. Their first experience was one that allowed them to gain confidence in themselves, and in their abilities under the caring guidance of phenomenal teachers who incorporated age-appropriate teaching techniques into their daily routines. My little ones left the Co-op completely prepared to enter a full day kindergarten and remember their time at the Co-op with big smiles!


All 4 of my children attended the co-op. It was the best experience not only for them but for me!


We have made such wonderful friends at the co-op and it has been such a positive first learning experience for my child.


I loved participating in the classroom. I was able to see firsthand what goes on at school.


The Co-op teachers are wonderful caring people who helped my child through a difficult adjustment period. I am forever grateful.


I would recommend the Co-op highly to anyone looking for a place that truly surrounds your child with an enthusiasm for learning.


“Demarest Cooperative Nursery School was everything I didn’t know I was looking for in a preschool.  When we first came to the Co-Op we were new to the area and my daughter was an only child, so my primary focus was on socialization and separation.  It took some work (on both our parts) but with the help of the educated, discreet, and caring teachers, we were able to make incredible strides and now she is both socially and academically ready for entering Kindergarten in September.  Volunteering in the classroom not only allowed me to be a part of my daughter’s early education experience but also provided a sense of community our family needed.  By getting to know the other children, their families, and the teachers, we now have a nice circle of friends we can count on and vice versa.” – Gina Picht