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KidStuff Coupon Book Fundraiser

We are so excited to kick off the school year with one of our favorite fundraisers. “KidStuff Books” is such a simple way for The Demarest Co-op to raise money, ALL of which goes directly to the students. This will start  Wednesday, September 16th and end on Wednesday, September 30thKidStuff Coupon Books Please be sure to check your child’s mailbox in the hallway. Everything is explained in the papers that come home. If you would like a book from another county other than Bergen county please email Jonelle DiGirolamo as soon as possible!  The list of counties will be provided in the paperwork. You will receive the two books on Wednesday the 16th; Thursday the 17th for the 2’s class.

Every family will be responsible for selling 2 “KidStuffBooks.”  Each book is $25 and for every book sold, we make 50% or more profit!  By all means please try to sell more than two (the more the merrier). It helps our school tremendously! You earn 1 free book for every 5 books you sell, and can easily save more than the $25 cost of the book after using just a few coupons, most of which are long-term and valid for 16 months!

Please make checks payable to Demarest Cooperative Nursery School and send them into your classroom teacher or directly to Jonelle by September 30th, 2015.  If you have any other questions, never hesitate to reach out to Jonelle by phone, text, email, or in the hallway at the Co-op!

Many thanks to all our Co-op families and friends for your ongoing support!